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See our new set of calendars and diaries for the year 2017

Calendars and Diaries 2017


Writing Equipment

ballpiont pens, pens for one use, ceramic pens, jel ink pens, pen charches

writing equipment sets

lettering-pencils, markers, pronounced pencils

pencils, versatile pencils, micropencils, refills


Artistic Equipment

crayons, wax crayons

chalks, charcoals

water colours, temperas, glass painting colours brushes, palettes, plastics, wrieing-pads


Drawing Equipment

pairs of compasses, rulers, French curves, drawing pens, drawing inks


School Accessories

Briefcases, rucksacks, pen cases, etuis, gym shoes cases

school boxes and folders, writing-pads, covers


Paper Adhesiver

adhesive sticks, gluing machine, sticky tapes, second cements



typing paper, tabulating paper, colour paper, fax paper, carbon paper, cash rolls

reams, drawings, tracing paper

forms, envelopes, buble envelopes

exercise books, record books

writing pads, sketch pads, blocks, adhesive blocks

tongs labels, weight labels, selfadhesive labels


Bureau Equipment

box folders, ring folders, archive folders

aside portfolios, quick folders, document binders

prospectus wrappers, bureua fasteners, catalogue and signature folders

carinal blocks, visiting and address folders, document folders

fragmental equipments, panches, staplers

paper-clips and stapler, thumb nails, clips, name banges

pocket calculators, organisers, data banks, bureau boards


Packing Material

wrapping paper, cellophane, clean paper, cut-out paper, bands, bows, rubber bands

PVC bags, paper bags, twines


Food Supplements

bags, mats, pots, confectioner's equipment, aluminium foils, pouches, skewers,

toothpicks, sausage casins, table clothes


Spare TIme

diaries, albums, paiting and cutting books for children, paying cards, pexeso

puzzle, carnival, small toyes for children, small magnets, bubble blows, small balls



toilet paper, napkins, kitchen towels, paper handkerchieves, baby napkins

dame bindings, cotton-wool poles, cotton-wooll, wasch off make-up pads



rags, sponges, brooms, scourers, tooth brushes


Seasonal Goods

calendars - diaries




Stamps, Die-sinkers

Stamps, number-stamps, date-stamps